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For over 100 years, we’ve helped communities everywhere prosper by improving the personal and financial well-being of the people who live there, and the companies that do business there. Franchises in over 90 countries and all 50 states help people gain greater influence and make meaningful contributions in the places that matter most.

Prime Territories Available Now

Many of our franchise territories available are resale opportunities. This means starting your new business with an established customer base, certified trainers and the chance to work with the outgoing franchise owner.


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Learn About Dale Carnegie Training

There are two words that will always be recognized in the training market: Dale Carnegie. Our brand provides credibility, which will open doors to decision makers and help you generate sales.

How much can I make?

Our franchisees generate average revenue of over $800,000, while the 20% of our franchisees generate revenue over $1,870,000.

Our franchisees realize a median net income of over $200,000. The top 20% of franchisees have a net income of over twice that amount. Many franchisees grow their territory and eventually sell it.

How much does it cost?

Estimated startup costs for opening or taking over a franchise location range from $92,000 - $252,000. To qualify as a candidate, our minimum requirements are $150,000 in liquid assets and $500,000 in net worth.

Strong people skills, business and sales acumen and willingness to follow a proven system are among the most important qualifications.

The Dale Carnegie Advantage

Product Innovation

Whether in-person or Live Online, our training is built on over a century of business experience. We use ongoing market research to keep our training solutions relevant and effective regardless of client size, need, or industry.

Outstanding Support

We’re with you every step of the way. It starts with initial training on all aspects of a Dale Carnegie at our partner academy. Then franchisees benefit from intensive support for two years with a dedicated, cross functional team, to ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your business

Our Industry Edge

The soft skills training industry stands at the threshold of remarkable growth, due to the growing recognition of the importance of interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership abilities in the modern workplace. As organizations increasingly prioritize creating effective, collaborative, and adaptive work environments, the demand for training programs that enhance communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills is surging.

Trusted Brand

Align with a brand that stands tall on the global stage - Dale Carnegie. Franchisees instantly tap into the credibility and loyalty associated with our brand, giving them a competitive edge from day one. Our brand recognition helps franchises maximize their potential. 


Countries with Franchisees 50 Customers served!

Years in Business

Countries with Franchisees 50 Customers served!

Students Graduated

Countries with Franchisees 50 M+ Customers served!

Languages Spoken

Countries with Franchisees 50 Customers served!

Hear from Franchisees

Matt Norman

Owning a Dale Carnegie franchise connects me to a powerful brand, an engaging culture, and leaders around the world in our field. It’s so rewarding to run a company that makes such an impact on people and organizations.

Nancy Covert

The Dale Carnegie product team is always discovering new ways of delivering training. During the pandemic, my franchise shifted from the classroom to a safe virtual environment using the eVolve digital platform. The Live Online training allowed us to keep delivering training without missing a beat. That adaptability sets Dale Carnegie apart from the competition. I’m proud to be part of an organization that continues to be a pioneer in the Learning Industry.

Ahmed El Daly

Ahmed El Daly

How would you feel owning a prestigious, profitable business with huge potential for growth and with highly professional people who understand your needs, continuously support you as if they are part of your own team, and recognize your effort? How would you feel networking with the world’s most refined business professionals, learning from them and make money while enjoying what you do?

Jose Revella

Attending the Owners Meeting in Barcelona was eye-opening, because it gave me a global perspective on the impact of Dale Carnegie. We are dedicated to creating a remarkable organization and achieving unprecedented success. Learning from the best practices of other countries is a cornerstone of our strategy, and we are excited about the journey ahead.

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