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Creativity and Innovation are Social, Study Shows

Creativity and innovation are fostered by our social interactions, says a study by Mark Marone, PhD., the Director of Research and Thought Leadership for Dale Carnegie and Associates. “Innovation

Read More Interviews Franchisee Brittany Schmid

In a Q&A with, Brittany Schmid explains what inspired her to become a Dale Carnegie franchisee. “It’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of an organization that has made

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Find the Right Franchise Type for You

If you browse the lists of top franchises on Franchise Times, Entrepreneur Magazine or Franchise Business Review, you might be surprised that so many companies you know and do business with are franchises.

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Trust, Transparency and Training Vital for Successful AI Implementation, Research Shows

To successfully implement artificial intelligence (AI), an organization must build trust, prioritize transparency and train employees in soft skills, according to research by Mark Marone, PhD., Director

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Do you have what it takes to become a Dale Carnegie franchisee?

Aaron Kent, Senior Director Franchise Development at Dale Carnegie & Associates, talks about the essential qualities of a successful franchisee. Can you tell us a little about your professional

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Agility Requires Resilience, Social Intelligence and Empowerment, Study Finds

Resilience, social intelligence, empowerment and a customer-centered purpose are the key factors in developing an agile organization, according to research by Mark Marone, PhD., Director of Research

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A Resilient Workforce Helps Organizations Adapt and Thrive in Uncertain Times

Organizations that want to successfully adapt to change and uncertainty should focus on promoting resilience in their employees, according to research by Mark Marone, PhD., Director of Research and Thought

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Article in Outlines Dale Carnegie’s Covid-19 Response

In an article for, Jean-Louis Van Doorne, Chief Franchising Advocate, describes Dale Carnegie’s quick pivot from in-person to Live Online training at the onset of the pandemic. “This

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In Forbes Interview, Joe Hart Discusses Rapid Expansion of Virtual Programs

In a recent interview with Forbes, CEO Joe Hart explained how Dale Carnegie quickly shifted its courses from 98% in-person to 70% digital in response to the pandemic. “It was what we would call a

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Dale Carnegie’s David Shen Discusses COVID-19 Response and Strategy with Franchise Times

Dale Carnegie franchise partner David Shen, the owner of China’s Shanghai/Jiangsu and Zhejiang territories, was recently featured in an article with Franchise Times to share more about his COVID-19

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