February 26

4 Compelling Benefits of a Dale Carnegie Resale Opportunity

One of the many benefits of franchising is the fact that aspiring entrepreneurs have the power to make a more informed business investment as opposed to entering blind. With proven processes, systems and a dedicated franchise support­ team in place, business owners aren’t left to face the daunting “unknowns” of starting a business from scratch.

And, the benefits can extend even further with a Dale Carnegie resale opportunity – keep reading to learn more!

An established brand

​The name Dale Carnegie has been synonymous with professional and business leadership for more than a century. Buying into an established brand means that aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have to spend time building up brand-name recognition.

An established customer base

​Dale Carnegie franchise partners work with an impressive list of corporate clients who recognize the value of continuous investment into the professional development of their employees. Franchise partners who buy a resale opportunity build on an existing client base, expanding it to new avenues.

An established staff

​Franchise resale partners can also tap into existing staff who can share valuable insights about the industry and intelligence about specific clients. Such know-how can give new Dale Carnegie business owners a leg up.

More room for growth

Now is an especially good time to enter franchising with Dale Carnegie, as the workplace is in transition. The inroads that technologies, such as artificial intelligence, are making are especially accelerating that pace of change.

And, the growth of an increasingly mobile workforce, as well as the demands of Generation Z, is also contributing to corporations moving into uncharted waters. In such a landscape, companies rely on Dale Carnegie’s powerhouse corporate and professional training services to help them navigate uncertainties. Franchise partners can leverage these forces to their advantage.

A franchise resale can be a great investment opportunity for those who are looking for an already-established business venture. Buying into an iconic brand name like Dale Carnegie, especially as the demand for its services is poised to grow, presents an even more attractive investment!

Visit Dale Carnegie’s franchise website to learn more about the franchise opportunity and available territories. 

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