Dale Carnegie Franchise Partners Receive Support at Every Business Stage

Even the most dedicated entrepreneurs know that it takes a community to build a thriving business. So does Dale Carnegie. Franchise partners and corporate work as one unit – One Carnegie – to empower local communities through transformative programs.

The Dale Carnegie franchise encourages individuals to achieve their very best, and this dedication to culture starts from the bottom up. Franchise partners enjoy systematic support that’s ongoing throughout every stage of the business lifecycle.

Owning a business can be rewarding, and Dale Carnegie ensures franchise partners also have a robust net under their wings. New franchise partners undergo an initial one week of training, which walks them through the ins and outs of the proprietary franchising system. Franchise partners learn the marketing model, the technology platform, the sales and sales management process and every detail it takes to launch a thriving Dale Carnegie business.

Plus, a member from the franchise development team is always on hand, especially for the first two years, as franchise partners ramp up growth. This liaison helps franchise partners connect with the corresponding experts, whether it’s marketing or technology.

As your team of salespeople grows, Dale Carnegie makes special Sales and Trainer Talent development programs available. This way, franchise partners can catch new staff up to speed with trusted systems and processes.

Dale Carnegie franchise partners can rely on an extension of their marketing and technology knowhow by connecting to a larger network of experts. By working with Dale Carnegie, franchising is never a solo sport, but a team endeavor. It’s the principle behind One Carnegie that has launched many a thriving business in the corporate training industry.

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