June 27

5 Reasons to Choose the Dale Carnegie Franchising Opportunity

Dale Carnegie Training changes how people see themselves so they can change how the world sees them, and that changes the impact they have on the world. As a result, it’s one of the only businesses designed around appealing to human nature.

So, why choose the Dale Carnegie franchising opportunity?

Since the focus of Dale Carnegie is on the human nature of business, the concept continues to remain timeless. By choosing the franchising opportunity, entrepreneurs align themselves with a dedicated team of professionals to empower others to be more confident in themselves and their businesses. Here are a few of the many additional reasons to join the Dale Carnegie franchise in spreading its message of personal empowerment and motivation across the globe.

Proven business model

​Founded in 1912, the Dale Carnegie Training franchise has helped organizations of all sizes create a sustainable workforce by fostering an environment that thrives on positive and productive relationships. With powerful brand-name recognition, a proven business-to-business model and consistent customer base, Dale Carnegie makes a winning and rewarding choice for motivated entrepreneurs.

Comprehensive technology platform

​One of the ways Dale Carnegie stands out from the competition is through its state-of-the-art technology platform. The franchise has plenty to offer its franchise partners to see to their success, including well-established programs such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and its own proprietary software. All of these programs and more work hand-in-hand to make life easier for franchise partners, so they can save time and focus more on achieving their goals.

​A tailored training approach

​​The Dale Carnegie franchise is dedicated to the success of its network and works hard to cultivate a culture of support. The franchise development team and cross-functional launch teams are there every step of the way through the sales process, initial training, launch and growth of business to see to the success of every franchise partner. Prospects can expect a highly customized approach to training and support, because the Dale Carnegie team understands that market needs and different levels of experience in running a business require a tailored strategy.

​Solutions for success

​Dale Carnegie has a story to tell, and a wealth of resources to help tell it. Franchise partners have access to an array of groundbreaking training solutions designed to deliver a customized and engaging learning experience for clients. Powerful products produce powerful results, and Dale Carnegie franchise owners have the distinct opportunity to make an impact on people and organizations to pave the way for success by supporting a transformative experience for all, starting from within.

​A legacy of excellence

​Inspired by one man’s belief in the power of improvement, Dale Carnegie Training has evolved into a movement that’s crossed borders and generations through an incredible network of dedicated global partners. As the original thought leader of workplace learning and professional development, Dale
has pioneered the industry and instilled his core principles in millions of individuals. Entrepreneurs with the brand have the unique opportunity to own a prestigious and profitable business fueled by a legacy of excellence.

Learn more about becoming a Dale Carnegie franchise partner. Click here to get started.

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