Meet Dale Carnegie Franchise Partner David Shen

For a while now, David Shen, who has more than 25 years of sales and executive management experience in China, has been noticing a transformational change. The country’s economy is growing, growth that David knows is further empowered by a tailored approach to talent development.

David’s skill set, as well as his background as an entrepreneur, positions him as the perfect candidate to coach the workforce along this new path. David became the new owner of the Shanghai/Jiangsu and Zhejiang territories in China in 2019, looking to elevate the brand’s presence and further customize the world-renowned principles and approach of the Dale Carnegie system.

Like David, franchise partners around the world understand the power that one individual has to make a difference in local communities. They also understand the importance of cultural context and are trained to customize the Dale Carnegie principles and solutions for a specific region. The franchise’s maxim of “global reach, local touch” will help carve success in the local market, David says.

David’s business growth in China is only one example of a global brand that continues to be an integral component of the evolving workforce. Franchise partners can expect cutting-edge technology support, robust networks and high-impact marketing materials no matter where they choose to franchise with Dale Carnegie.

Visit Dale Carnegie’s franchise website to learn more about the franchise opportunity and available territories.