August 28

The Dale Carnegie Franchise Tailors Training to Franchise Partner Needs

There are many advantages to launching a Dale Carnegie franchise, but arguably the most compelling is the rigorous and tailored training approach that franchise partners receive.

Equally remarkable, the training is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Instead, Dale Carnegie invests in each franchise partner by customizing a training plan that’s based on the needs of their communities and the franchise partner’s own prior business experience.

Franchise partners begin with a corporate office training for up to 14 days, where they learn essential modules including the financial model and compliance system; the marketing model; the technology platform; and the sales and sales management process.

Training from the Dale Carnegie franchise system is not limited to the entrepreneur who launches a new business location. At Dale Carnegie, we understand that reliable results and steady growth depend on every new employee receiving the right tools to unleash their skills and ensure success.

To that end, we provide all franchise partners with a variety of training modules for various roles they’re looking to fill with employees. For example, The Foundation is a comprehensive certification program designed for new training consultant/sales representatives to learn the basics of selling or for more experienced professionals to master their skills. Similarly, The Sales Leader is a certification program that polishes relevant skills needed for the local market.

In addition to training, franchise partners receive extensive ongoing marketing support, including help with brand awareness, website design, SEO optimization and lead generation through various channels.

Dale Carnegie delivers transformational professional business leadership training for today’s corporate world and empowers its franchise partners with lean tools and strategies to make the best of this approach.

Learn more about how the Dale Carnegie Franchise delivers unparalleled training and support to its franchise partners. Click here to get started.

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