December 5

Evolving Workforce Increases Demand for Dale Carnegie Franchise Services

While the workforce has always been evolving, it’s at a noteworthy crossroads today. Unemployment is low, the demand for remote work is growing and artificial intelligence is expected to craft a unique hybrid-human workforce.

Companies that succeed will understand how to work these changes to their advantage and keep their workforce engaged and happy. Dale Carnegie and its franchise partners serve as an essential asset for companies who are looking to harness workforce transformations and continue to stay ahead of the competition.

The market demand for the kind of corporate services that Dale Carnegie franchise partners provide is growing. The Global Corporate Leadership Training Market predicts that the industry size will grow at a compounded annual rate of 14.81% between 2018 and 2022. Given that the market is already estimated at approximately $200 billion, that expansion is significant.

Equally important, Dale Carnegie franchise partners receive comprehensive training, support and technology tools to capitalize on the growing demand. Rigorous technology platforms and training keep all franchise partners on the cutting-edge of the industry standards. Even better, Dale Carnegie’s carefully crafted reputation wins ready acceptance in multinational corporations, with franchise partners around the globe delivering effective corporate training solutions.

As artificial intelligence and the new demands from a multi-generational workforce come into play, franchise partners will see an increased need for insightful corporate training. Dale Carnegie franchise partners help companies steer their workforce through systemic changes, now and in the future.

Visit Dale Carnegie’s franchising page to learn about the franchise opportunity and the industry demand.

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