November 7

Dale Carnegie Franchise Partners Help Companies Leverage Human-Centric AI

Businesses have a groundbreaking opportunity to incorporate artificial intelligence into their workforce, Dale Carnegie Training research has found, but a lot depends on how those businesses first address the human-AI interface.

As AI increasingly impacts the workforce, Dale Carnegie conducted a global survey of 3,500 employees and business leaders across 11 countries. The survey shed light on potential speed bumps to smooth adoption of AI. Dale Carnegie also explored what businesses should do to retain critical talent while managing both humans and AI.

At its most basic, AI is a tool that can complement human ingenuity. It takes care of repetitive tasks so employees can focus on more creative ones.

To successfully implement AI, companies need to recruit employees to act as passionate advocates of the technology. That can only happen if employees trust management to make the right choices – slightly less than half (45%) do. The AI adoption process should be transparent and open to questions – 63% of survey participants were at least moderately concerned about ethics in AI.

And, employees should be confident about reskilling in the new hybrid landscape. A significant 68% of survey participants expressed a need for retraining to fit into the new AI-driven job market.

A whopping 73% of participants said that soft skills, such as effective communication and creativity, will become increasingly important in the long run. It’s clear that while AI is a disruptor, businesses can channel it for good. 70% of participants are positive about AI taking on routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more meaningful work.

Dale Carnegie understands the evolution of work and how to guide both employees and companies through transitions. Given Dale Carnegie’s high name recognition and its long history of serving clients with integrity, today’s companies can lean on Dale Carnegie franchise partners to understand the potential impact of artificial intelligence on their employees and to incorporate it seamlessly.

Visit Dale Carnegie’s franchising page to learn more about the franchise’s commitment to helping companies navigate an evolving landscape.

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