January 23

Organizations are Harmed by Leadership Blind Spots, Study Shows

Leaders’ performance in many organizations is falling short and having a negative effect on job satisfaction and employee engagement, according to a study by Dale Carnegie & Associates. Unfortunately, many supervisors overestimate their leadership skills and fail to seek out feedback on their performance.

The results come from a 2016 online survey of more than 3,300 full-time employees over the age of 21 from a variety of industries, company sizes and positions across 14 countries.

According to the survey, employees are motivated to do their best work when leaders:

  1. Express sincere praise and appreciation for employees.

  2. Admit when they are wrong.

  3. Listen to, respect and value their employees’ opinions.

  4. Are honest with themselves and others.

Research has shown that a high level of job satisfaction is correlated with a high level of employee engagement, but only 17% of the survey respondents reported being very satisfied in their jobs. In contrast, 36% of employees whose supervisors frequently exhibited these four leadership behaviors reported a high level of job satisfaction.

Leaders can increase employee satisfaction and engagement by recognizing that they have blind spots, accepting feedback graciously, trying new things and actively working on their leadership skills.

Read the entire white paper here.

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