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Our Culture

At Dale Carnegie, we know the only way to invigorate others is to start with our own employees. We’re constantly focused on ensuring our own workforce has the resources and support needed to be competent, passionate and committed in every part of life.

Every day, our franchise partners around the globe collaborate as One Carnegie. Each one of us plays a role in empowering individuals, businesses and communities. It’s not a challenge we take lightly. In fact, it’s what drives us to constantly strive for better. We’re the keepers of a rich heritage. We’re inspired by our role in carrying forward a century’s worth of knowledge and experience to help shape the future of our clients.

We’ve helped millions of people make their mark on the world. When you join Dale Carnegie, you take on far more than a job –you become part of a mission to ensure no one sees themselves the same way again. 

Our Mission

Dale Carnegie: Where every customer realizes their own unsuspected power that becomes a champion.

Our Vision

People around the word use "Dale" as a verb.

Our Core Simple Idea

We change how people see themselves, so they can change how the world sees them, and that changes the impact they have on the world.

What we Believe

We believe that everyone has inherent greatness.

Popular Videos

Dale Carnegie CEO Joe Hart addresses franchise staff members about transformations required in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does One Carnegie mean? Joe Hart explains.

You may have seen our "Take Command" video on the internet, which is below. Dale Carnegie franchise partners around the world posted the video to their social feed, along with comments specific to their region. The video resulted in over 20,000 views and a number of new opportunities for our franchise network.

At Dale Carnegie, we have a habit of acting as one. Not just across the staff of the franchisor, but  across the global network. We call this collaborative approach "One Carnegie."

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