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Our Principles of Innovation

Continuous improvement is at the core of Dale Carnegie, in our products, our technology and the processes we use to run the business.  


See things from the customer's perspective

The customer determines our success in the marketplace. We strive to see things through their eyes.


Be nimble and agile

While mistakes can be costly, playing it safe can be risky too. We ship, iterate, then ship again, learning from mistakes and building success.


Be transparent and inclusive

At Dale Carnegie, we see the inherent greatness in everyone. The doors of our innovation lab are always open, and we welcome input from diverse perspectives. 


Use the system

Design needs a solid process to stay on track and deliver results. Our shared framework for innovation projects allows ideas to flourish and things to get done, embracing change as it comes along.


Include the franchise network

We are fortunate to have a worldwide network of talented entrepreneurs to shape our future. By engaging them, we bring in diverse opinions and stay grounded in our customers' needs.


Leverage the Dale Carnegie principles

An innovation team needs a common language, a shared philosophy. We find that in our principles. We begin with "throwing down a challenge," "taking a chance" and "developing success through failures."

Leading the Conversation

We want our franchise partners to do more than just keep up with trending topics in HR and training, we want them to lead the discussion. That's why we arm them with a constant flow of turnkey thought leadership assets covering new technology and trends.

Pioneers in Learning

We are the global leader in the non-technical online training space, with over 10 years’ experience in delivering online instructor-led training. 

Our Live Online solutions are highly engaging and interactive. They include the use of collaborative tools such as whiteboards, polls, breakout rooms and more. 

Video: Claire Scull, Sales Enablement Director at Veritas Technologies, a customer of Dale Carnegie, discusses her experience with a Dale Carnegie Live Online training session.

Learn more about the content we offer here.

Masters of the Classroom

Though we are leaders in innovative, internet-based learning, our in-person training is legendary. 

Our global team of certified instructors are masters of the brick-and-mortar training setting. They encourage questions, foster peer-to-peer learning, adapt training to the audience and know how to bring that shy person in the back of the room into the discussion. 

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