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Although our legacy is over a century old, our technology is modern. Our franchise support architecture has the following components.

Office Productivity

All franchise offices around the globe and the franchisor share the same cloud-based office productivity suite. This system provides familiar apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, both on your desktop and in the cloud. Franchisees and their staff are eligible for an account within our collaboration tool, including a .com or country level email address, making our brand a part of your online correspondence.

Sales Management

We use a top CMS for managing customer relationships and turning leads into revenue for your franchise. Our fully hosted environment spans our corporate office and each franchise, allowing us to collaborate on large, global accounts.


dalecarnegie.com is our brand on the internet. It generates leads for franchisees for B2B engagements and handles registration for classes we offer to the public. The site is integrated into our operations management and sales platforms.

Operations Management

At the core of our information ecosystem is a state of the art training management system. This is where our franchisees create sessions of Dale Carnegie courses, track attendance and manage registrations and trainers. This system gives visibility to the franchisor, so they can assist with marketing and accounting functions.


A customized portal we call “Carnegie Connect” provides news, events and digital resources, such as white papers and brochures, to the franchise network. Utilize the discussion boards to share best practices and access the operations manual on your mobile device.

Everything in the Cloud

We choose to use cloud based platforms for a number of reasons, including global reach, security and regulatory compliance tools and the constant flow of upgrades made available continually to our franchisees and our customers.

Fast, Agile and Lean

Whether we are rolling out an upgrade or inventing something fresh, agility and innovation are at the core of our product delivery methods. Our franchisees find themselves involved early in the process, helping develop requirements. They then are invited to pilot new innovation before it is rolled out.

Looking to The Future

Our technology investments go beyond keeping your business running. Our innovation team is continuously looking at how big data and artificial intelligence can make sales and operations more intuitive and efficient.


When a person in the franchise network calls for help, the phone rings at our office. Each of our trained staff members have customer care and technology smarts as core competencies. We work the problem to your satisfaction, then ask you how we did.

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