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State-of-the-Art Technology

Another great reason to franchise with Dale Carnegie is our comprehensive technology platform. Between well-established programs like Office 365 and our own proprietary software, our franchisees will find that it’s a snap to communicate, manage their records, and more! Dale Carnegie’s current technology platform consists of Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, DCT Client Builder, and a robust Franchise Portal and Sales Hub within Salesforce. Here’s a look at how we implement each of these programs to make life easier for our franchise partner.

Office 365

Dale Carnegie uses Office 365 as its e-mail system to maintain a computer network through which franchise partners can communicate with Dale Carnegie and each other. The e-mail system is used for many things, such as asking questions, discussing common issues, and disseminating information from Dale Carnegie, including promotional materials.

Our Proprietary Enrollment Tracking Platform

Dale Carnegie’s DCT Client Builder™ system is a proprietary, custom written and developed software package that enables you to operate your Business effectively. For instance, by tracking your registrations in Carnegie Programs, and preparing and submitting registration reports to Dale Carnegie, saving you time.


The Dale Carnegie Corporate version of Salesforce will provide you and your team members with a CRM directly integrated with our website and our Client Builder™ registration management system. Leads and orders captured on the dalecarnegie.com web server will automatically create records inside of Salesforce. Closed orders inside Salesforce automatically create records within Client BuilderTM. The three systems, working together, create a single view and process which will enable you to manage the entire customer life cycle.

The Sale Hub within Salesforce allows access to information, apps, and experts within our online community. This feature is tremendously useful to your sales people when it comes to understanding best practices while collaborating with others.

Carnegie Connect

The Franchise portal or intranet, called Carnegie Connect, is a single location empowering all roles within the network. You can connect, collaborate, learn, as well as access files, metrics, discussions and best practices. The best thing is that one set of user credentials within Office 365 makes access easy!

As you can see, our technology platform simplifies day-to-day operations for our franchisees.

Between our award-winning training programs, supportive culture, strong history, and state-of-the-art technology platform, at Dale Carnegie Training we have a lot to offer our franchisees! These are just a few reasons why Dale Carnegie stands out from the competition.

An Effective System

Jean-Louis VanDoorne, Chief Franchisee Advocate for Dale Carnegie & Associates, describes the system of support provided to franchisees.

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